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Founded by one. Built by a community.

The founder of #LevelUp2gether, Kim Lasorsa, is just an average Jane on a mission to do extraordinary things. By teaming up with a community of like-minded individuals, her goal is to help level up the lives of every member of the #LevelUp2gether community, as well as her own life. She’s a full-time Brand Manager for an awesome Marketing agency and moonlights as a freelance web and graphic designer. This project has taken a front seat ahead of freelance because it’s become a passion project that’s helping her live out her purpose.

What is #LevelUp2gether?

The concept behind #LevelUp2gether is incredibly simple: we’re all doing this thing called life, so why not do it better… together? Some like to say there is strength in numbers, but we prefer to see it as strength in communities.


The idea was born out of a love for helping others. One evening Kim realized that she had been spending quite a bit of time helping out friends with websites, marketing and general consulting on digital marketing. All around her she saw friends and acquaintances trying to level up different areas of their lives from career to finances to physical health to relationships and more. She was working on doing the same thing in her own life! At the same time, she couldn’t help but notice that some were having greater success than others and one key factor she found in all of this was support or a lack thereof. Those who had better support systems and connections always fared better than those going at it alone.


Successful people typically have a few key elements at their disposal that others either don’t have, don’t appreciate or don’t recognize. A support system. A valuable network of people in their corner. These are elements that they often fail to mention when discussing how they became successful. Some simply don’t realize it and others choose to ignore it intentionally. The fact remains, they didn’t get there alone.

Solid Support Systems Make A Difference


Never underestimate the value of having people in your corner cheering you on. The right squad (community) will help keep you motivated even when things aren’t going your way.


The support of others will help boost your self-confidence. When others believe in you, you tend to believe in yourself. That confidence will be apparent to everyone you encounter.


Having a support system of people at different levels in life is priceless. These individuals will guide you and provide advice along the way that can help you avoid the same mistakes they made.


When you have a strong support system of people who believe in you, they will welcome the opportunity to connect you with other people outside of your network and help you level up.

What does the future hold for #LevelUp2gether?

Behind every dream should be a plan to make it a reality.
We know that bringing the #LevelUp2gether project to life is going to require hard work, dedication and the fortitude to stay the course.
We’re committed making this happen.


We often see generic, long-term vision statement that don’t cover all of the “in between” work involved in bringing that vision or goal to fruition, so, we’d like to introduce our current short-term and short-term vision. We want you to know where we’re at and where we’re headed.

Short-term Goals
Build an online community of individuals looking to #LevelUp their lives and begin living out their purpose. We will start by sharing relevant content that motivates and inspires individual growth. Our community members will offer support and advice to those seeking it and cheer each other on as breakthroughs happen, goals are reached and leveling up has been achieved. Together, we will grow a solid community who wants to see others level up right along with them.


+ Create fresh content
+ Grow the community
+ Share quality content for reputable sources
+ Contests and giveaways
+ …and more

Long-term Goals
Once our community begins to steadily grow, we will implement a greater system of support by connecting community members with individuals who want to help them level up. This may include offering business advice, providing services or even going as far as creating job opportunities. Ultimately, we want to do everything we can to help facilitate each and every members efforts to #LevelUp. After all…we’re all in this thing TOGETHER!


+ Meet Ups / Events
+ Community Service / Volunteering
+ Discounted Services+ Counseling
+ Financial Planning
+ …and more

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